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Our Testimonials

I am not a SEBI Registered advisor but my studies and learnings have helped manifold clients build stable portfolio thus earning me the reputation of Vanimator – The Candlestick Follower !

Mr. Nikhil Agarwalla

" Someone who helped me break the shackles of hesitation to long the markets at higher highs and trade the trend with size . His charting techniques viz the importance of weekly candlesticks and decision making that is devoid of emotions opened new horizon in my derivatives trading"

Mr. Nikhil Agarwalla
Ex-Futures First Trader and presently full-time FnO trader in Indian Equities

Our Core strategies

The pulsating technical analysis and trading in financial markets provides me with a vast horizon of work field as well as increasing community reach spanning the entire globe. People relate with my sense of logic and forthright views which are devoid of emotions / trader’s sentiments.

Vanimator strives for the following with all integrity :-

Alpha Advice

Generating Alpha for Clients by studying, identifying and trading the breakouts / breakdowns from continuation patterns and some proprietary tried-tested models using momentum indicators in conjunction with charts

Portfolio Building

Gradual portfolio building through a mix of Derivatives and Equity products within a defined risk environment

Profit Research & Analysis

Knowledge sharing of various financial products / trading strategies and education of young turks looking to make these number games as their career

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